Welcome to Year 9 Geography:

Please remember the following:

1. Be respectful to everyone, your teacher and classmates.

2. Raise your hand, speak one at a time, and don't interrupt.


3a. Do your homework on time. Check moodle multiple times per week to stay up to date.

3b. Late homework is 70%

3c. Homework is worth 10% of your grade.

3d. DO NOT copy your homework from any website, your work will be checked to make sure it is not copied and if it is copied, scored a "U".

4. No phones or other devices unless instructed to do otherwise and especially NO GAMING.  Phones must be collected at the start of the day, 8:25, by your tutors.

5. Respect school property and the property of everyone else.

6. Water is allowed, no food or other beverages.

7. If you finish early you must try the extension and make an attempt to finish it then find something silent to do.

8. Check back here for any updates to the class rules.

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Please show all homework on time, every week on the first class of the week.  If you can not show it, send it in a word document via email.  If you take a picture and send a picture, please make sure the picture is high quality.